AIM网站 New Generation of Superior paste - NC 251锡膏 (2000年 SMT vision AWARD得奖产品) CASTIN(AIM拥有之专利):96.2%Tin(锡),2.5%Silver(银),0.8%copper(铜),0.5%antimony(锑). LF218:96.5%Tin(锡),3%Silver(银),0.5%copper(铜) - Sony approved specification. Advantages *Pin Probe testable residue(2 min. to 2 months).low process residue. *reduce void on Micro BGA. *high speed without slumping. *high humidity & slump tolerance *no clean,aqueous clean are acceptable. *passing both SIR and Electromigration testing. *on hard to-solder-materials, including bare copper and Alloy 42. Features *mildly activated resin-base formula. *meet variety alloys(Lead Free included). excellent wetting.extended idle time,tack time,stencil life. *air reflow & nitrogen acceptable. *pass Bellcore,IPC reliability test.