Plating Anode

Plating Anode

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Specifications︰ AIM Web site M offers a wide selection of ElectropureTM brand metals in a variety of shapes and sizes for electroplating. These anodes are manufactured in our ISO 9001certified facility and exceed all applicable industry specifications. AIM¡¦s ElectropureTM Plating Anodes are processed from virgin metals in a proprietary method that removes dirt and reduces dissolved oxides to a minimum. This unique manufacturing process produces an anode with proper dissolution, low sludging, and a decrease of defects. ElectropureTM Plating Anodes are available in a variety of innovative shapes, including hollow, fluted, or waffle. AIM¡¦s proprietary waffle shaped anodes offer maximum surface area and minimal bending. This results in an increased efficiency rate and reduction of scrap which lowers the overall cost of using the product. Common Plating Anode alloys are Pure Tin, Pure Lead, Tin/Lead, and CASTIN>, AIM¡¦s patented lead-free alloy. Other alloys are available upon request.