Deox powder, Titration, Adhesive

Deox powder, Titration, Adhesive

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Specifications︰ AIM Web site Deox Powder is a powder specifically blended for the reduction of dross build-up on the surface of solder pots. Features Low Dust Formulation Low Odor Enhances Dross Reduction Leaves No Residue AIM¡¦s Titration Kit is a test kit designed to provide process control to the flux tank for foam-flux applications. Features More Accurate Than Specific Gravity Measurements Fast and Easy to Use Ensures Consistent Fluxing and Soldering Results AIM's adhesives are single component epoxies used for bonding SMT components to a PWB for double-sided reflow or wave assembly. These are available in printing or dispensing formulations. For Printing Applications/4044LVP.PDF ForDispensingApplications/4044.PDF Features Reworkable Fast Curing High Sheer Strength